It’s finally here, the unofficial start of summer! Memorial Day is traditionally filled with backyard barbeques, pool parties and family travel. Did you know it’s also traditionally fraught with scary accidents like grill fires, car and pool accidents, and even dog bites. Whether you are taking a trip or lounging in your backyard, it’s important to know whether your insurance is ready for the long weekend.

Here are some important tips & reminders to help keep your weekend safe, and covered.

  • Your home owner insurance covers fire-related damage, but it’s important to check your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers before firing up the grill.
  • Dogs and parties don’t always mix well. Your dog may be sweet as pie, but with a big, unfamiliar crowd and lost of noise, it may be scary for them. It’s important to make sure you are aware of how your dogs feeling and keep them separate from guests if necessary. Also, make sure your guests are aware of how to approach and pet your pooch.
  • If you own a pool, you need to take some extra precautions to ensure pool safety including having a 4-sided fence with a latch that is not accessible to children. Click here for water safety tips from the CDC.
  • Check your car insurance. It’s important to have the right mix of coverage with car liability insurance, collision and comprehensive insurance, and road side assistance insurance.

for more details visit, Forbes to read their Homeowners Insurance, Memorial Day article.